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Paul Carvalho, a documentary director, writer, and producer from Montreal, Canada, made his mark on the cinematic world with about 20 films spanning from 1996. He journeyed to diverse locations, from New York to London, Rome to Rio, Africa to the Canadian Arctic, and even East Timor, in pursuit of compelling characters and evocative settings and locations for his projects.

Yet, perhaps his most profound and poignant work is intertwined with his beloved city itself. "Montréal, mon amour, mon histoire," stands as a monumental achievement, a series of five captivating one-hour films that delve into the tapestry of Montreal's rich history. This opus emerged in honor of the city's 375th anniversary in 2017, a testament to his dedication to preserving and celebrating the city’s heritage. The documentaries, created in collaboration with Ici Radio-Canada, reached global audiences through PBS stations.

Prior to his filmmaking career, Paul Carvalho was a radio and television news reporter for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Montreal and Toronto. He was the first Quebec-based journalist to receive a Nieman Fellowship at Harvard University. Proficient in both French and English, his films often blended both languages, reflecting his stories' nuances. With roots in Brazil, he extended his linguistic palette to include Portuguese and Spanish, a result of his extensive travels across the Americas during his youth. Always fascinated by the world of languages, and with a passion for Italy, he devoted himself to learning Italian at the end of his life. 


Paul passed away on August 17, 2023, in Montreal, after a prolonged illness, surrounded by his loved ones, leaving behind a legacy of visionary storytelling.

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Rome, 2005, in front of the church of Sant'Agnese fuori le mura. 

Filming Désormais l'avenir - Paul Sauvé in Quebec City June 2007

left to right:

Bev Bliss - producer, Margaret Visser, Paul Carvalho & Margaret's husband Colin Visser.

left to right:

Paul Carvalho, Fernand d'Ostie, Paul Sauvé's Chief of Cabinet & co-writer Paul Labonne.

#3 Marsan_2.jpg

Filming Around the Mountain in 2014 with urban planner Jean-Claude Marsan at the George Stephen House in Montreal.

left to right:

Paul Carvalho & Jean-Claude Marsan

#4 Black Wave.jpg

Shooting Black Wave: the Legacy of the Exxon Valdez in Alaska 2007. The film observes the impact of the Exxon Valdez oil spill, two decades later.

#5 La Main (2c).jpg

Shooting La Main: Street of Immigrants at Montreal's Archive's in the basement of City Hall.

#6 Janine Sutto.jpg

While shooting downtown in 2014, we interviewed the oldest working actress still on stage in Quebec, Janine Sutto. She was 94 years old at the time. This was one of her last interviews. She passed away less than three years later.

left to right:

Director/producer/writer Robert Cornellier, director of photography Robert Wanherweghem, and interviewer/co-producer Paul Carvalho. In 2010, Robert won the Gemini for Best Direction in a Documentary Program.

left to right:

Assistant director/Pierre Paré-Blais, Paul Carvalho, and director of photographyFrancis Pinard.

left to right:

Assistant director/Pierre Paré-Blais, Paul Carvalho, and director of photography Francis Pinard.

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