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Une tour sur la montagne.
L’architecture d’Ernest Cormier et sa vie avec Clorinthe Perron

A documentary about the architect and engineer Ernest Cormier, creator of the University of Montréal. Broadcaster: ICI Radio-Canada. (French only)


Montréal, mon amour, mon histoire

A series of five one-hour documentary films on the history of Montréal produced in collaboration with Ici Radio-Canada and also broadcast by select PBS stations as well as in 30 languages around the world by TV5-World.


Désormais l’avenir : Paul Sauvé

The life of the Québec Premier who governed for just 112 days in 1959, bringing to an end the corrupt regime of Maurice Duplessis and ushering in a new era that led to Québec’s Quiet Revolution. (French only)


Black Wave - The Legacy Of The Exxon Valdez

A documentary that looks at the long-term impact of the 1989 oil spill in Alaska, which was at the time the biggest environmental catastrophe in world history. In the village of Cordova, Alaska, catches are far lower or altogether banned for certain species of fish, fishermen are impoverished and the social consequences can be devastating. Produced and directed by Robert Cornellier. Co-producer, interviewer: Paul Carvalho.  Broadcasters: Radio-Canada, CBC.



The Geometry Of Love

Using as an example a Roman church whose construction began in the fourth Century AD, the Greco-Roman historian Margaret Visser explains how all traditional Christian churches are built to evoke our journey through life and ultimate transcendence. Produced by Colin Neale and Beverly Bliss. Broadcast by Vision Television.


A Separate Reality: Norval Morrisseau

The amazing life of the most collected painter in Canada. Norval Morrisseau became Canada’s first native artist hailed as a great modern painter working on canvas. Broadcast by the CBC and, in French, by ARTV.



After a cruel invasion and occupation by Indonesia, the people of East Timor wage a long guerrilla war. The United Nations intervenes and proposes a referendum in which the East Timorese people overwhelmingly vote for independence. The UN remains deeply involved in the transition leading to the creation of the first new state of the new millennium. This film was commissioned by the United Nations.


Windows To Heaven

The life and work of stained-glass artist Guido Nincheri, who brought the technique of the Italian frescos of the Renaissance to Montréal and created the artwork in more than 200 churches all over Eastern North America.


Islam Behind Bars

The link between Islamic terrorism and radicalization among prisoners in Europe, Canada and the United States. Broadcasted by the CBC. (Co-directed and co-produced with John Curtin).


Against All Odds

The tragic and triumphant life of Canadian Olympic synchronized swimmer Sylvie Frechette. Broadcasters: Radio-Canada and CBC.


King Of The Arctic

The life of Bezal Jesudason, an engineer born in Madras, India who ended up living in the Canadian Arctic and becoming an adviser to explorers of the North Pole. (CBC, Radio-Canada).


Passion Before Reason

The life of Margaret Trudeau, former wife of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau. (Co-produced and directed with John Curtin).


Flirting With The Opposition

The young life of a Canadian photographer who became a well-known photographer in Russia, revolutionizing the portraiture of prominent political figures in that country. (Co-produced and directed with John Curtin).

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